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Published: 07 July,2024 | Updated: 07 July,2024
The 1.82m tall girl attracted attention at Miss Universe Vietnam

Le Kieu Nhung is considered a contestant with outstanding height and performance experience when registering for Miss Universe Vietnam 2024.

The organizing committee of Miss Universe Vietnam 2024 has just announced that contestant Le Kieu Nhung registered to compete.  Many people recognize this as a familiar face when winning Miss Southern 2023.  Previously, the beauty from Tra Vinh tried her hand at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 but did not get high results.  Le Kieu Nhung was born in 1998, has an outstanding height of 1,82m and measurements of 83-62-94.  She is considered a candidate with a lot of experience at this year's competition.


In her application to participate in Miss Universe Vietnam 2024, Le Kieu Nhung shared: "The journey of improvement and change every day helps me gain positive energy that spreads to those around me.  Build your image with intelligence and independence and you will create a perfect version of yourself.  That is the unique aura that I always aim for on the journey to conquer the crown."

Kieu Nhung said she thought and hesitated a lot before deciding to register for Miss Universe Vietnam.  The 26-year-old beauty admitted that her personal schedule affected her participation in the contest.  "But thanks to everyone's words of encouragement, I decided to respond to that love by returning to the Miss Universe Vietnam beauty pageant," the 9X beauty queen expressed.

Kieu Nhung said she is currently studying for a master's degree.  The biggest concern of the beauty from Tra Vinh in this beauty arena is the fear that the contest schedule will conflict with her school schedule.  "That is the biggest concern because I will not be able to arrange the time to fully participate in this beauty arena," she said.

However, when deciding to participate in the contest, Kieu Nhung set the goal of always trying and striving to improve herself day by day.  “Returning to Miss Universe Vietnam, I want to bring the best version.  This time I return, my greatest strength is everyone's support and love.  As for the limitations, I don't think about them because I come to this playground with a comfortable and dedicated mind," she expressed.

The 26-year-old beauty admitted that thanks to her outstanding height, she is remembered by everyone, so "why do I see that as pressure?".  “I consider my height of 1,82m to be my special feature, helping people pay more attention to me.  It's a blessing that God and my parents gave me, so I have to take advantage of it and be proud of it," she said.

“I came to Miss Universe Vietnam to burn my heart out, explode with all my might, and respond to everyone's love for me.  I don't let myself give up before every challenge, but choose to strive and strive," the beauty expressed her goal when competing.

Faced with the opinion that Kieu Nhung is still gentle and not suitable for a fiercely competitive contest like Miss Universe Vietnam 2024, the Tra Vinh beauty said that gentleness is her core personality.  “I think there are many audiences who still love this gentleness because it is a characteristic of girls in the Southwestern region.  I also see this as an interesting point that makes people impressed when talking about Kieu Nhung," she confided.

Source:Thanh Nien Newspaper