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Published: 04 April,2024 | Updated: 05 April,2024
Philippine beauty is expected to be crowned Miss Charm 2024

Philippine beauty - Krishnah Gravidez - is predicted by beauty site Sash Factor to be crowned Miss Charm 2024.

The beauty has released the first prediction table for the Miss Charm 2024 contest. This site predicts that the Philippine beauty - Krishnah Gravidez - will be crowned the top winner.

Currently, about 30 countries have announced representatives will come to Vietnam to attend Miss Charm 2024. Krishnah Gravidez is considered an outstanding contestant in terms of beauty and performance skills.

Krishnah Gravidez is 23 years old, a student majoring in civil engineering construction.


She participated in the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 contest and was one of the candidates who received love from the public. In the end, Krishnah was awarded the title of Miss Charm Philippines 2023 and will represent the country at Miss Charm 2024 scheduled to be held in Vietnam.

Krishnah is considered one of the most prominent contestants in the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 contest. At that time, many beauty forums predicted her to be crowned.


In the end, Krishnah lost to the beautiful Michelle Dee. Michelle then represented the Philippines at Miss Universe 2023 and entered the top 10.


Although they regret that Krishnah did not have the opportunity to participate in the Miss Universe contest, fans believe that she will shine on the Miss Charm playground.


Over the past half year, Krishnah has been actively practicing her skills to compete in the Miss Charm contest.

Krishnah has an impressive height and a toned, attractive body.

On her personal page with more than 117.000 followers, Krishnah diligently updates hot images. She is passionate about traveling and adventure sports.

Krishnah also works hard at the gym to keep her body in good shape.

In 2023, the Philippines representative at Miss Charm is beauty Annabelle Mae McDonnell. In the end, she won 1st runner-up.

Philippine beauty fans expect Krishnah Gravidez to bring the next impressive achievement to this country at Miss Charm 2024.

Source:Pioneers' newspaper By Duy Nam