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Published: 07 July,2024 | Updated: 07 July,2024
Astonishing diving sites in Indonesia

Dive Site Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best countries in the world for diving. The country straddles the coral triangle, an area with the highest reef biodiversity in the world. Directly meet the beautiful corals, colorful fish and maybe even a shark or two. From Raja Ampat in the East through to Pulau Weh in the West there are some amazing dive sites. If you feel that a trip is incomplete without at least one dive, Indonesia is probably pretty high on your list. Help you plan your trip to the country we shortlisted the best diving and snorkeling sites in Indonesia.

The website( covers the best diving sites in Indonesia. This is include a bit of information about each of the sites and some of the unique things about the areas. If you’re interested in visiting these regions on a diving holiday check out our list of Indonesia’s best diving around the country, one of the best ways to explore the oceans of Indonesia. But first some general information.

Diving in Indonesia is perhaps some of the finest scuba diving in the world, and certainly the most abundant in terms of sheer numbers of species. Diving in Indonesia is still relatively unknown, with perhaps more sites still left to discover and explore than sites we know about, and yet with the pieces of information we have, the exceptional quality of Indonesian scuba diving is so clearly apparent.

The good thing is, you can dive just about anywhere in Indonesia! Check out this page to get a small glimpse of the underwater paradise which may just inspire you to come and see the best diving sites in Indonesia!

Where to dive?


Manado, North Sulawesi

Komodo National Park, Flores

Alor, NTT

Raja Ampat, Papua

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Derawan, East Kalimantan

Pulau Weh, Sumatra

Gili Island, Lombok

Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta

Karimunjawa, Central Java

Halmahera Utara, North Maluku

Ambon, Maluku

Banda, Maluku

In the page you will find more detailed information about diving in Indonesia.

How to dive Indonesia?

Indonesia is very easy to dive. There are numerous dive course in the touristy areas depends on the type of diving you want to do. This page recommend two ways;

Liveaboard cruises in Indonesia are always as top choice for those who want to see more than any land-based stay can offer. Because they have an easy booking system. These tours can take you east from Bali to the legendary island of Komodo, or into the inspiring frontier territory of West Papua and Banda Sea. Breathtaking diving, fantastic boats and inspiring Indonesia’s best dive site.

Alternatively, some resort will allow you the opportunity to base yourself close to some of the finest dive sites in the world.

Best Time to Dive in Indonesia

You can dive in Indonesia all year round and there are liveaboards operating in various parts of the country throughout the year. Although it is important to remember that the country is a very large country and weather conditions varies greatly from place to place so check the conditions in advance. The basic rule for many areas is:

Rainy Season from November to March

Dry Season from April to October

For more specific weather information on an area, refer to the destination pages. For example, in Maluku, seasons are reversed. Bali has also it’s own weather patterns and is actually much less affected by monsoon.

As you can imagine the best time to go diving is during the dry season. This is when the visibility is at its highest. During the rainy season when the visibility decreased and the currents are generally a bit stronger, making it more dangerous for divers. However destinations like in Komodo Island are really exciting to dive during the monsoon because this is the Manta Season!