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Published: 15 June,2024 | Updated: 15 June,2024
Safety Tips for Booking Tourist Buses in Indonesia

(AseanAll)  — The public should choose a trusted and guaranteed safe and comfortable tourist bus operator,according to portal informasi indonesia.

Photo source: the Transportation Ministry of indonesia

In recent weeks, the public has been shocked by a series of incidents in several regions of indonesia involving student groups on study tours using tourist buses. According to the Transportation Ministry of indonesia, most of these accidents were caused by unfit buses. The study tour organizers were not diligent in selecting the bus companies they rented.

As the long holiday season approaches, many groups of students, residents, communities, and large families use tourist buses. This mode of transportation is an alternative due to its capacity to carry many people and the comfort provided by many tourist buses equipped with complete facilities.

However, the abundance of tourist bus companies makes it confusing for the public to choose. Especially with the recent increase in bus accidents. Therefore, the public should choose a trusted and guaranteed safe and comfortable tourist bus operator.

Quoting the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of indonesia (Kemenparekraf) website, there are several tips the public should consider before choosing a tourist bus operator.

Searching for Information on the Internet

The easiest tip for choosing a tourist bus operator is to conduct a survey on the internet or get testimonials from friends and relatives who have used tourist bus services. This survey is important for the public to know which bus operators are guaranteed for service quality and safety based on recommendations from trusted people.

Check the Legality of Operational Permits

After conducting a survey and asking friends and relatives, a list of recommended bus operators can be made. The next important step is to check the legality of the operational permits of these bus operators.

You can input the license plate number (nopol) of one of the bus fleets into the Transportation Ministry’s Spionam (Land Transport and Multimodal Online Licensing System) website ( If the data appears, it means the bus operator has been verified by the Transportation Ministry of indonesia.

Check the Feasibility of the Bus and Its Facilities and Safety

Besides conducting an online survey and checking the administration of the bus operator, it is also important to physically inspect the tourist bus to be rented. Things to consider include the feasibility of the tourist bus, whether the facilities and services are complete or whether emergency equipment is available.

Additionally, the public should check if there is a hotline number and service complaint line, so any issues or dissatisfaction can be reported directly.

Consult the Route to be Taken

After checking the feasibility and completeness of the tourist bus facilities, the next step is to consult the route and tourist destinations to be visited. This is important to assess the bus's capability and the potential challenges that may be encountered along the route.

Moreover, this consultation is also useful to assess the bus driver's and accompanying crew's capabilities, ensuring they can handle the difficulty level of the terrain or destination to be reached.

One crucial point is to choose a bus equipped with safety belts for each passenger to minimize accident risks. Also, ensure the number of passengers does not exceed the bus's capacity.

Furthermore, the Transportation Ministry of indonesia advises against choosing buses that exceed their capacity limits or those that match the number of seats available. By following these tips, it is hoped that the risk of accidents can be minimized.