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Published: 02 January,2024 | Updated: 02 January,2024
Myanmar largest lake – An Untouched Paradise

Indawgyi Lake is a great place for those who prefer to explore a secluded destination in Myanmar trip. 

Indawgyi Lake is the largest inland lake of Myanmar and one of the largest in Southeast Asia.  The lake is 24 km long and 13 km across, 166 meters above sea level. 

Indawgyi Lake is located in Kachin State, Myanmar.

Myanmar’s only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary is located here.It has been designated Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in 1999 and UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2017. The sanctuary covers an area of 299.32 square miles, shelter for a variety of endangered species including rare mammals and birds.

There are also 20 villages located around the lake, inhabited by Kachin and Shan ethnic groups.

Indawgyi Lake is a secluded place, yet a popular destination in Myanmar that is often frequented by nature lovers. 

The Indawgyi region is a place of scenic beauty, surrounded by mountain ranges in the east, west and south. It’s the best place for nature lovers for bird watching, kayaking and many others interesting activities like recreational fishing, trekking, boat tour etc.

When it comes to Indawgyi Lake, the best thing to do is to relax, walk around and get involved in nature.  

The banks of Indawgyi are dotted with local villages, the most notable ones including Namde, Nammilaung and Lwemun Village.  These villages offer a great option to interact with the locals and get a rustic feel of Myanmar’s villages.  The Shwe Myitzu Pagoda is located right on the water and casts a beautiful mirrored image on the lake, especially visible during sunset.  On the northern side of the hill stands the Shwe Taung Hill, also known as the Golden Hill, which has many pagodas.  Kayaking on the lake waters is also great fun and doubles as a lovely way to visit the Shwe Mitzu Pagoda.  The villages and towns around the lake have markets and shops where you can buy Kachin bags, handmade jewellery, tissue holders and Kachin woven fabric.  There are also several eateries which serve a range of delicacies – from traditional dishes to international cuisine.

Like many parts in Myanmar, Indawgyi Lake weather divides into two distinctive seasons: the dry season and rainy season.  The dry season lasts from October to May.  This time, the lake experiences the most beautiful time in the year with less rainfall and relatively cool temperature.  However, April is the hottest month of the year with the highest temperature can climb up to 35 ºC.  On the other hands, the rainy season creates a high range of rainfall.  Nevertheless, it helps to cool down the heat of Myanmar and there is rarely storm happens during the wet season.  The average temperature in the region stays a lovely 25ºC.