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Published: 15 June,2024 | Updated: 15 June,2024
Thailand kicks Off the 31st ProPak Asia 2024

(AseanAll)  — The Ministry of Industry of Thailand, along with the World Packaging Organisation, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, ambassadors from various countries, and Informa Markets Thailand, inaugurated the 31st ProPak Asia 2024, a trade show and technology exhibition in the Asian region. 

The event aims to enhance success in sustainable production and packaging processes through creativity, innovation, and investment.

Thai Deputy Permanent Secretary Banjong Sukreeta stated that this event is recognized as the number one trade show and technology exhibition in Asia for production, processing, and packaging. Recently, the government has been advancing towards the "IGNITE THAILAND" vision, aiming for Thailand to be a regional leader and a global hub in eight sectors, including food. 

The goal is for Thailand to become the world's food center by developing the future food industry, researching and developing high-protein plant-based foods, and creating innovative food products. The Ministry of Industry of Thailand is focused on enhancing the capabilities of entrepreneurs, improving production standards, increasing competitiveness, and integrating into the global value chain. They support SMEs, community enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups by providing knowledge, technology, and risk management capabilities. Additionally, they are promoting soft power to make the food and beverage industry a growth engine and a significant source of income for the country.

Additionally, the Department of Industrial Promotion of Thailand has organized activities and seminars, such as the Creative Industry Development Division's “ThaiStar Packaging Awards 2024” to support the nation's soft power. The Division of Digital Industry Development and the Division of Logistics of the Department of Industrial Promotion have also set up activity booths and interesting seminars at ProPak Asia 2024. These initiatives showcase the potential of Thailand's supply chain to investors from around the world.