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Published: 03 June,2024 | Updated: 03 June,2024
Myanmar aims to import 1.6 million tonnes of fertilizer in FY 2024-2025

Myanmar aims to bring in 1.6 million tonnes of fertilizer in the 2024-2025 Financial Year, according to the Steering Committee for Purchasing and Distribution of Urea Fertilizer.

The picture shows a demonstration of broadcasting urea fertilizer in Sagaing Region, Myanmar last year.

The import volume is based on the actual import volume in the 2023-2024 FY. The committee will screen and recommend importing more depending on the needs, according to its coordination meeting.

The committee endorsed importing 679,999 tonnes of fertilizer and 10,922 tonnes of pesticides in April-June 2024, following the reports of Myanmar Fertilizer, Seed and Pesticide Entrepreneurs Association. The meeting also addressed matters regarding import licences, import process and delay and goods arrival conditions of each company.

The reference price is set at K73,000 per 50-kilogramme bag in June 2024. The sales price will decline, and farmers can buy them at a cheaper rate. The departments concerned are encouraged to facilitate work procedures as the market price tends to fluctuate in a timely manner. Also, the departments concerned need to coordinate so that the fertilizer input will be imported in time during the monsoon season, along with meeting quality and having a reasonable price, quoted a remark of the Union Minister for Cooperatives and Rural Development, who acts as a chair of the committee. 

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar